Caoutchouc - élastique 3/8" OD Minipost métallique small

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Caoutchouc - élastique 3/8" OD Minipost métallique small *English version bellow

Post sleeve standard.
Caoutchouc super résistant & facile à nettoyer, rebond proche des élastiques classiques ! 
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Élastique Titan Pinball en silicone 3/8" OD Minipost métallique smallconsultez le tableau en bas de page pour connaitre les correspondances constructeurs.

3/8" OD for Metal Minipost 
13 Colors to choose.
Very strong, Easy to clean up, Classic feeling.
Please Check the compatibility in the chart !
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These next generation rings are made from specially formulated silicone that provides a durable, easy to clean, vibrant replacement for standard pinball rubber. Our Competition rings are resistant to UV light and less susceptible to drying and cracking, giving them a much longer lifespan than traditional rubber.

All sizes and colors of Competition Rings are engineered to provide the classic feel of red flipper rubber (Shore A45), allowing you to change colors without compromising game play.

Make your machine look and play its best with Titan Competition Rings!

  Williams / Bally Stern / Sega / DE Gottlieb Bally anciens Stern Commentaire

3/8" OD Minipost métallique small 

A-14793 R-206-11 7A-125

.375" OD for metal minipost

aussi connu sous le nom rubber grommet 3/32"