MORE THAN 60.000 PINBALL LEDs IN STOCK, 13 colors RUBBER, advice, friendly prices, FRee worldwide shipping over 50€ !

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Drop price on quantity ! 50 LEDs or more to obtain an automatic discount

10% OFF all orders over 80€ with a mix of LEDs and pinball rings titan (20 or more) !

We are now retailer of titan pinball rings !
we have the largest choice of pinball rings and rubbers with 13 differents colors !
You can full custom your machines with brillants colors like Glow in the dark of pink for exemple ^^
 wish you welcome !

Since 2013, you can find here a large selection of pinball LED !
There is a description, pictures in condition and an advice on each product.

For all orders over 50€, we offers shipping !

If you have any question, please send us an email

*Ready to install the last bulb on your pinball machines ?

Yann Planson

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